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Safety tips when going on holiday

The poice have suggested a few safety tips when going on holiday

The police have suggested a few safety tips when going on holiday.

A national security company made this available.

• Make sure someone empties your post box so it appears that someone is at home.

• Clean the garden inside and outside regularly to ensure it looks maintained.

• Inform your neighbours or someone you trust about your plans.

• Report any suspicious activity to the police.

• Keep all visible and valuable items out of sight.

• Have someone attend to the lights and curtains when you are away.

• Lock the garage doors with strong locks.

• Before leaving, close all windows and lock external doors. Remove all keys from the locks and keep it in a safe place.

• Do not publicise your holiday plans.

• Do not leave a message that you are going on holiday on your answering machine, but rather unplug your phone.

• Keep in regular contact with the person who is safeguarding your home.

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