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Family in eMbalenhle fear sinkhole in their yard

Thoko Mahlangu said the huge hole began as a small hole near the sewer manhole two months ago.

The Mahlangu family in eMbalenhle Ext 17 live in fear after noticing a big hole in their yard. According to Thoko Mahlangu, it started as a small hole near the sewer manhole two months ago.

They never thought it would escalate. Mahlangu said they only realised the extremity of the problem when the hole began to widen.

“We suspect it is a sinkhole. We began filling it up with ash, but the ash disappears,” explained Mahlangu.

There are five children in the house and the adults are scared the little ones might play next to the hole.

“If a child falls into the hole, they will die and disappear without a trace because we don’t even know how deep the hole is.

“We reported the matter to our councillor, but we only saw people coming to take photos. We are afraid our house might sink into the hole while we are asleep,” said Mahlangu.

Mahlangu said they read in the newspaper about a sinkhole reported in Ext 16 two years ago, but they never thought something like this would happen to them.

She said her family wants the Govan Mbeki Municipality to intervene before it is too late because this situation is dangerous to everyone, including their neighbours.

Donald Green, the acting communications manager at Govan Mbeki Municipality, said they sent a team to investigate and were still awaiting feedback.

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