Rayton steel artist ships artwork worldwide

He loves making dragons and vultures because it is the type of art not often seen.

Mr Stephen Colegate, a master gold- and silversmith, is a steel artist from Rayton who has been making his steel creations for 25 years.

He uses 316 high-grade stainless steel and hot rolled steel which is treated to prevent rust to make his art.

Mr Colegate started as an apprentice at master goldsmith Erich Frey in 1965.

Thereafter, he began metalsmithing as a hobby which he then mastered and till this day it is his profession.

“Stainless steel can be used in the house or outside and mild steel is for indoor use,” he added.

Mr Colegate finds his inspiration in nature and he uses his imagination.

He loves making dragons and vultures because it is the type of art not often seen, but he makes a huge variety of other items that comes from his creative thoughts as well.

Many local members of the Rayton community commission Mr Colegate to make all kinds of art – from signage, car parts and house numbers to unique steel sculptures and artwork for homes, offices and outside buildings.

“Items are made with great care and attention to detail, so depending on what is being made the art can take a few days to weeks to be made.”

The dragon art holds more than 60 pieces from one entire sculpture.

“Every art piece is unique and there is no specific formula for all of them, therefore the process can be very time consuming to make.”

Mr Colegate has made many large commissions as large as a 3m Phoenix Rising to salute the brave firefighters who worked tirelessly in the huge fires of Knysna. This art piece was made for The Waterfront Knysna Quays.

These original handmade art pieces have been shipped worldwide and Mr Colegate has a large number of people who love his work.

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