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Potholes on Cornelius Street cause mayhem

WELTEVREDEN PARK – Ward 126 councillor, David Brand discusses the potholes on Cornelius Street.


Potholes on Cornelius Street near Palm Court Shopping Centre have become increasingly more difficult to avoid by motorists.

A frustrated motorist said they were nearly involved in an accident due to vehicles trying to avoid the potholes.

“What is the ward councillor doing as surely they should be making the roads safe for road users? Please would they get on with it and fix it already! The potholes take up half the road,” the motorist added.

The potholes only seem to grow in size and number as they are filled with water almost daily from the nearby curb where taxis are washed.

Potholes worsen as they are constantly filled with water.

Ward 126 councillor, David Brand has confirmed he has received numerous complaints about the potholes and has listed Cornelius Street as one of the roads on his priority list. He has scheduled a meeting with a Joburg Roads Agency field manager to discuss the priority roads.

“Although R80 million has been allocated to fixing potholes in the City, this money is spread over about 135 wards. Each ward only receives about R500 000, which can be chewed up very quickly,” said Brand.


Local Londoloza patrol officer, Promise Khumalo stands next to one of the potholes on Cornelius Street.

According to Brand, the production plant that produces the asphalt used to repair roads only opened during the middle of January, which caused a backlog of projects. Other issues which cause delays in the process are the budget restraints and the weather as roads cannot be repaired when it is wet.

He added that filling the potholes is not the best solution but a quick fix to avoid further deterioration and inconvenience to motorists. The best thing would be to repair the substructure where its strength is by resurfacing the road.

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