Roodepoort Karate Centre welcomes new members to dojo

Roodepoort Karate Centre introduce new members to the world of karate.

Roodepoort Karate Centre in association with the South African Japanese Karate Association (SAJKA) welcomes its new members of all ages to learn self-defence techniques and get fit while having fun in a family-friendly and safe environment.

The centre is led by retired karate SAJKA member Steven du Plessis and newly welcomed members are trained by chief instructor Sensei Brendon Box. SAJKA has trained hundreds of children and adults for over 60 years.

Members work on their kicking skills. Photo: Avumile Seela

The centre’s training was fun and motivating, with attendees having the opportunity to learn karate styles and top technical defending skills in the world.

According to Moss Modibedi, he introduced his child to karate because he lacked confidence and always isolated himself from other family members, so he wanted to do something to keep him busy and learn from it.

In May, the centre competed in the 2024 JKA National Competitions hosted at Ellis Park. They competed among the best in South Africa and were among the groups representing Gauteng.

“I believe that karate can build a positive personality within a child; he or she will have the strength to fight their battles and defend themselves well,” said one of the attending parents, Siyabulela Sibotoboto.

White belt members at Roodepoort Karate Centre. Photo: Avumile Seela.

Some of the club members also graded for higher belts and instructor certifications last month before their national competition.

According to Steven, junior and senior members are graded after three months, with everyone passing on higher belts.

“Every member strives to get the black belt, as it’s the highest belt one can go for. Junior and senior family members at the club range from white belts to black belts. Interested members can also train, as karate helps to promote discipline, self-confidence, balance, and stress relief.”

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