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Family remembers Bryanston couple

BRYANSTON - Described as a hardworking, resilient and a visionary Wamukelwe Zuma-Memela’s tragic death has left family members distraught and devastated.

The award-winning chef and his wife, Wendy Campbell-Memela were murdered in the bedroom of their Bryanston home on the morning of 16 January.

A shocked cousin of Zuma-Memela, who lived in the cottage on the property, made this discovery after waking up to find the door of the house slightly opened, which aroused his suspicion.

Zuma-Memela’s father, veteran journalist and author Sandile Memela, described the tragic sequence of events, which left the family traumatised.

“We received a call at around 7am from a family member who asked that we rush to Wamu’s house as something tragic had occurred,” he said.

Memela said that he then rushed to the scene, where he found the crime scene cordoned off.

It was then that he was informed of the tragic death of the couple; a tragedy that left the family devastated.

Both Zuma-Memela and Campbell were described as hardworking, intelligent, social and warm people by Memela and were pivotal in bringing their families together.

“Wamu epitomised the triumphant spirit of resilience, while Wendy was a beautiful, warm and respectful woman,” the grief-stricken father said.

“A part of us has died with Wamu and Wendy.”

The couple owned a catering and event company, called Drizzle and Dazzle, and Zuma-Memela was a recipient of various awards, including the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs regional winner.

Provincial police spokesperson Captain Doniah Mothutsane confirmed that the matter was still under investigation.

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