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Ford Ranger scoops 11th consecutive Car Magazine award

The Ford Ranger remains one of the segment leaders in the double-cab pickup category deserving of its Best Buy Award.

Of the extensive list of double-cab pickups available in South Africa, the Car editorial team picked as its favourite model the 2.0 SiT XLT FX4 10AT 4×4 with advanced 10-speed automatic transmission and FordPass Connect, which is available from the XL series and all other higher specification derivatives in the Ranger line-up.

“A big factor in Car’s Best Buy Awards is all-round breadth of ability, and having won 10 times before, as is the case with the Ford Ranger, it’s proven to suitably cover all that is demanded from a modern double-cab,” said Car editor Damian Adams. “So far, none of the Ranger’s competitors have been able to challenge its wide spectrum of talents.

“Both a Ranger XLT FX4 and the Stormtrak formed part of our long-term fleet over the past 12 months or so. The former won our 2021 Bakkie Shoot-out, and the latter proved an indispensable runaround and rugged load-lugger. What’s more, the Ranger series houses the new Special Edition Raptor which, along with popular derivatives like the Wildtrak, Thunder, Stormtrak and FX4, have kept buyers enticed, even in its runout year,” concluded Adams.

“Being awarded the prestigious Top 12 Best Buys Award for 11 consecutive years, which is almost as long as the current Ranger has been in existence, is a telling achievement and confirms that Ranger has always been the benchmark in the pickup segment in South Africa,” said Doreen Mashinini, general manager of marketing, Ford South Africa.

“Recent investment in the Silverton plant in Pretoria proves that we are committed to the future of the Ford Ranger. We are confident that these modern upgrades will establish even greater milestones and benchmarks for the pickup segment, locally and globally. Our focus will soon shift to next-gen Ranger and adding another Car Mag Best Buys Award to the Ranger nameplate,” concluded Mashinini.

The next-gen Ranger, which has already been previewed worldwide and will continue to be assembled locally at the Silverton plant in South Africa, aims to extend the Ranger’s winning streak in the Car Top 12 Best Buys Awards by introducing features like Ford’s SYNC4 system as well as the latest innovations in autonomous safety, engine performance and all-round capability.

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