Groenpunt hosts long service awards for fellow wardens

The Groenpunt Correctional Facility, held long service awards ceremony for their fellow wardens who served in the department for decades.

GROENPUNT – Scores of wardens glared in their brown uniform, filled the fountain hall in the prison facility to receive their rewards on Thursday, March 30.

The event was to recognize and honor those [wardens] who have had unbroken service in the department for 10 to 40 years.

Opening the function with a prayer and conducting a candle-lighting service, Chaplain Morake Khoadi said wardens mustn’t make excuses to deliver on their duties.

“In everything we do, we mustn’t make excuses because we are protected by the authorities. I want to say the Lord is with you as you enter the dangerous facilities each and every day,” he said.

Area Commissioner Jacob Mbhele welcomed guests to his prison who attended the ceremony. Photo: Sifiso Jimta.

Area Commissioner Jacob Mbhele who welcomed guests during the event said he hope and believes that wardens honored have never broken the law while serving.

“As you receive your award today, make a reflection on the contribution you have made in this facility. When you get home, look yourself on the mirror and introspect. Ask yourself if you’ve ever bought dagga or contrabands for inmates and if the answer is yes, know that you do not deserve this award,” he said.

Acting Corporate Services Nomakhosazana Ndlovu explained the purpose of the event and also emphasized the introspection part. Photo: Sifiso Jimta.

Corporate Services, Nomakhosazana Ndlovu explained the purpose of the event and also emphasized on the introspection part.

“The department has an obligation to recognize wardens who have unbroken services, ranging from 10 to 40 years. We are here to show you that we still recognize you and we want to show that we recognize the services you have rendered for the department. We know it wasn’t easy but you forged on. We have walked this milestone and it was never a child’s play and for that, we honor you,” she said.

Chaplain Morake Khoadi gave an opening prayer during the ceremony and conducted a candle light ceremony. Photo: Sifiso Jimta.

“We really appreciate you for all the years you have stayed here. I am so overwhelmed and want to say thank you for everything you have done for the department of Correctional Services,” she added.

Giving the keynote address, Regional Head Bikane Langa said “You are doing quiet an important job. I so wish that none of you have never been in a situation like the famous Thabo Bester [corruption] issue, because you should have not been here. I am happy to be seeing the new faces receiving awards, this means you are changing work force, which is what we need”.

The longest standing warden at the facility, Pieter Van Blommestein with 40 years’ worth of experience, said he was happy to receive the award.

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