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#Elections2024: Which president did most for SA?

According to their responses, locals are unhappy with previous presidents and the current one.

The Herald took to the streets again, asking people which president of the country did the most?

According to their responses, they are unhappy with previous presidents and the current one.

Amy-Jade Schlehmeyer: 

“The only president who did any good for the country was Nelson Mandela. I feel that other ANC presidents (past and current) have let the country down and have been unable to help and boost the economy.”

Johnathan Weltz: 

“The current president inherited a country that was already in a bad economic state and it seems like he also did not do much to try and save the country. Only Nelson Mandela did good as a president because there was equality and all other rights that he fought for.”

Zama Msenti: 

“I believe that the previous presidents and the current one have not focused on the needs of the people. Every time a new president is voted in I have high hopes but end up getting disappointed. I don’t believe that there could ever be a president that does what’s best for the country.”

Estelle Esterhuizen:

“I don’t think that any president has done anything good for the country because every person in South Africa is suffering. It does not matter what race the person is, the situation keeps getting worse.


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