OPINION: Tidy Town brings back ‘spark’

SCH Local News | Despite the wet weather the community spirit shone through to get the electricity issue solved.

Tidy Towns Shelly to Margate volunteers helped to get power back to Shelly Beach and surrounding areas after a fire damaged power cables in gale-force winds a week ago.

When Clr Paul Brauteseth sent out an SOS to clear a section of bush for an Eskom team to repair the cable damage, Scott Kvalsvig and his team from Tidy Towns jumped in to assist.

“We as a community must get stuck in to help solve issues that come up and affect us all,” said Kvalsvig.

He said it was remarkable community spirit, even in inclement weather. He thanked the local farmers for sending their staff to clear a path for technicians.

He also thanked Brauteseth for overseeing operations until the late hours of the night and the technicians for doing their best.

Richard Phillips, the chairperson of the Le Shac Trustees committee reiterated that it was another fantastic community gesture, going above and beyond.

“The residents of Le Shac Estate are truly grateful for the wonderful support from the local farmers, Paul Apostolides, Scott Kvalsvig, Pumi Ndlovu, and Andre Erasmus and their teams who stepped up without hesitation to help the Eskom field technicians clear the line and the undergrowth after a major local outage last Friday night,” he said.

Phillips explained that the Eskom teams had to work under vehicle headlamps. They provided a temporary connection late on Friday night before reconnecting the main supply late on Saturday.

The task involved stringing new lines across the Izotsha River, which would have taken much longer without the speedy intervention of the farming community.

“Thank you from the very grateful residents of this estate,” he said.

It was an incredible team effort to get the power restored in the area.


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