Work starts on Amanzimtoti’s storm damaged sites

Reputable, registered local contractors are welcome to contact Cllr Beetge.

Last week’s lashing of the city’s inaction to effect storm repairs four months after the deadly 10 October storm by an Amanzimtoti councillor has seemingly galvanised the municipality into action.

Ward 97 councillor Andre Beetge drilled the city during a full council sitting, after extensive damage wrought in the one-in-50-year storm was left untended to in the southern parts of the city.

Among the local storm-ravaged sites are a huge washaway situated at 737 Kingsway above Wavecrest Road in Athlone Park, which sent tons of Kingsway’s foundation hurtling into houses below, and at Dawn Place in Doonside, which poses a danger to visiting beach-goers and residents.

In his capacity as Municipal Public Accounts Committee whip, Cllr Beetge blamed the lack of action on city officials who were more intent on going on vacation than doing their civic duty. He reported that after the council meeting, a meeting between senior managers took place on Thursday morning, 1 February with letters of award being signed and delivered on Friday, 2 February.

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“Four repair sites will receive immediate attention – the washaway at 737 Kingsway, damage to the Amanzimtoti Sports Centre (ASC) in Riverside Road, Good Hope Way in Astra Park and the washaway at Dawn Place in Doonside,” he said.

“At the ASC the parking area was lifted by water coming from the combined catchment area of Ndongeni and Entombeni roads, and a new stormwater drain will be constructed. A camp has already been established on site to start repairs, as well as at Dawn Place.”

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The councillor met with residents during the week to discuss repairs to the Kingsway site in Athlone Park. A total of 117 repair projects have been identified and Toti is fortunate to be the first area to be awarded letters of award.

Leomat Construction has been awarded the contract to effect repairs in Toti, however more contractors will be required. Reputable, registered local contractors are welcome to contact Cllr Beetge with their company profile on 082-718-8137 or email


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