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Lose that holiday flab with these tips

Get rid of your Christmas flab with these quick tips.

The holidays have passed but there is still one reminder of the Christmas lunches and daily celebrations – your tummy.

Now that it’s over, you can get back to your healthy and detoxed form with these easy tips from Daily Mail UK:

  1. Get back to exercise. Warm your body up and start off with easy training to help build you up.

2. Focus: Watch what you eat and avoid going out to eat. Cooking from scratch will help you to prepare more balanced meals with good quality protein, like meat and vegetables.

3. Go Shopping: Clean your pantry and fridge and remove all junk food and drinks. Start afresh and shop for vegetables, fruits and healthy snacks.

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4. Coffee cafe: Swap your coffee shops for home brewed herbal tea, regular tea or coffee. The usual that you order at your local cafe is surely loaded with refined sugar and fattening cream.


5. Desert the dessert. It may be the hardest step but you need to avoid dessert at all costs. Train your brain and mouth to say NO THANK YOU! Once you’ve lost your taste for sweet treats, you’ll find it them a lot easier to avoid as the festive season presents its many offerings and you will be grateful for preparing yourself from now.


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