Dan Pienaar home invasion was opportunist attack

They were both discharged from hospital at about 11pm that night.

A brother and sister who were viciously attacked in a home robbery in Dan Pienaar Drive, Amanzimtoti on Friday afternoon, 8 May believe it was an opportunist attack. The 55-year-old brother and 60-year-old sister, who did not wish to be named, were repeatedly stabbed by two suspects.

The scene was a blood bath. He was stabbed four times in his right arm, chest and side of his head, losing more than three litres of blood. His sister was stabbed twice in her left arm, right hand and both were hit over the head with a torch.

“I think the two were scouting the area and, seeing the garage door open, took the opportunity to rob us,” said the brother. The incident happened between 1pm and 2pm. He had left the house to go into the garage and the two thugs in their 20s, whom he believes had jumped over the fence and were hiding, waiting for him to appear, attacked him in the garage.

They were armed with homemade knives, but he was stabbed with a pair of scissors they found in his garage. “I heard him screaming for me to go inside. I tried to close the front door, but the one was too quick for me and kicked me in the ribs,” said his sister. “I ran into one of the bedrooms and tried to lock myself in, but he got so angry he kicked the door in. She was attacked and stabbed.

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“He told me to lie down and tied my hands and feet with computer cable. He covered my head with one of my brother’s shirts and demanded gold jewellery. He went into the main bedroom and took my two cellphones and a camera.”

Her brother was brought into the house and tied up with a tie and mouse cable. His attacker also demanded money and gold jewellery. His sister had in the meantime got loose from her restraints, but she was spotted, hit again, re-tied and a tie was tied over her eyes.

They fled with the cellphones, camera, monitor and computer tower in the homeowner’s vehicle, which was recovered hours later by ET, the CCPO, SAPS, Blue Security and the tacking company in Umlazi after tracking the cellphone signal.

Her tenacity to get loose paid dividends and she was ready to call for help while they were still trying to reverse the vehicle out of the driveway. “The response from our neighbourhood watch, the CCPO and ET Rapid Response was excellent. A motorist driving past was flagged down and she helped me with my wounds until the paramedics arrived. We thank everyone. It really was incredible. The emergency and security people were helpful and quick,” said her brother.

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They were both discharged from hospital at about 11pm that night. He said they had been prepared for something like this to happen, as they have had a break-in about every four months. “They caught me off-guard and it makes me so angry.”

ET managing member, Tony Lokker sponsored the pair a panic button

ET managing member, Tony Lokker has now sponsored the pair a panic button and Marlene Pennels has sponsored CCPO membership. “These kinds of attacks are going to get worse with the unemployment and people not having food. We need to build up our community to prevent it. It’s vital that you know your neighbour. The Toti community must start waking up!”


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