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Elections 2024: Citizens queue to vote

Delays to the voting process did not deter residents who queued from early in the morning to cast their votes.

TODAY, May 29, sees South Africans queuing at voting stations for the 2024 General Elections as they prepare to play their part in choosing who governs their country and province for the next five years.

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Despite this morning’s long wait due to stations opening late and ballots not arriving on time, they remain hopeful that their votes will bring about meaningful change.

The South Coast Sun visited some of the voting stations in Amanzimtoti to ask the public: Why do you think it is important to vote, and why do you think your vote will make a difference?

Truitjie Featherstone at the voting station opposite the Kingsburgh Library in Warner Beach: “If I don’t vote, I give the incoming party the full right to do what they want, whether I like them or not. Therefore, my vote is my voice. We cannot sit back and hope things in our country go alright; we need to get up and vote to make a difference.”

Kay van Rooyen at the voting station opposite the Kingsburgh Library in Warner Beach: “Firstly, It’s important to vote because every vote counts. Secondly, we are here because of what our ancestors have done for us, and we need to do the same for future generations.”

Abel Chiliza at Warner Beach Preparatory School’s junior campus: “Without voting, there will be no change. The only way for us to make a difference in our country is by placing our votes.”

Rabé Schalk at Warner Beach Preparatory School’s junior campus: “If you don’t vote, you’re actually voting for the people who are in charge of this country. Why throw your vote away? Go vote for the good of this country. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain afterwards about the government.”

Ntobeko Mzimela voted at Ward 98’s Umgababa Primary School. “My vote is going to make a big difference because it will be counted among the millions cast on this special day. I take my right to vote very seriously.”


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