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Ward 97 councillor updates on water supply

There is a break in the main trunk, feeding off the Umgeni supply into Amanzimtoti.

ANDRE Beetge, ward 97 councillor, has provided an update regarding water outages affecting various parts of Amanzimtoti.

On Sunday morning, September 18, he was made aware of two burst water lines. The first one in Hutchinson Road, outside the rugby club and the second one in Kingsway Road, close to the railway station.

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“Following various enquiries regarding drop in or loss of water pressure, we were only at 14:25 informed that there has been a problem with the main supply since 14:00 on Saturday, September 17,” said Beetge.

He said there was a break in the main trunk, feeding off the Umgeni supply at the top of School Road. Beetge added that he was not informed of this, and neither was the public.

“When asked why we were not immediately informed, as opposed to obtaining the information ‘by chance’, it once again became the blame game between bulk and local. We have subsequently established that the main supply to the Doonside, Laucheston and Lewis reservoirs were shut late Saturday and the overtime was approved for bulk to start repairs Sunday morning.

Following expressing their dissatisfaction with senior management, they are awaiting an update from site on the extent as well as progress to the repairs.

In the meantime, he urges the community to use water sparingly.



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