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Clairwood community urged to register to vote in upcoming by-election 

Ward 32 PR councillor Sharmaine Sewshanker urges all members of Clairwood to make the most of this important opportunity by registering to vote. 

THE ward 32 (Clairwood) by-election is set for Wednesday, 8 April 2020 following the recent resignation of ward councillor Romeo Zuma.

Ward 32 PR councillor Sharmaine Sewshanker, who has since played an active role in supporting the community, urges all members of Clairwood to make the most of this important opportunity by registering to vote.

“I urge all residents of Clairwood to register to vote this weekend, 15 and 16 February at the Clairwood Boys Primary School. Please ensure that you take your green barcoded ID book or Smart ID card when going to register. If you are not registered you will not be eligible to vote in this very crucial by-election. Service delivery has been almost non-existent in the area and residents have been left frustrated.

Clairwood resident Nafiza Alli pictured next to the manhole where sewage overflowed into her yard for months.

“The influx of trucks have also impacted negatively on traffic congestion and the desecration of the residential road. Residents now have an opportunity to change this and to take ownership of the ward and vote for better service delivery,” said Sewshanker.

A typical example of a truck parked on one of the traffic lanes on South Coast Road, Clairwood resulting in traffic congestion.

Local government elections provide communities with the chance to choose a candidate that can make a difference to the ward. “If you don’t use this opportunity to vote wisely, you don’t have a right to complain. I have confidence that the residents will come out in their numbers to cast their vote,” added Sewshanker.

Note that if you don’t have a valid South African ID, the Department of Home Affairs will extend operating hours at all modernised offices until 7pm from Monday 3 February 2020, until 28 February on weekdays, for the whole month, excluding weekends. The department will ensure that everyone who is inside an office at the time of closing shall receive the service they require.


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