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6 Apr 2017
10:41 am

Olympic star Luvo Manyonga admits tik rehab remains a battle

Sport Staff

The silver medallist in Rio says he's fully committed to staying clean and wants to be an example to others.

Luvo Manyonga has admitted to his constant dedication to staying tik-free. Photo: Roger Sedres/Gallo Images.

All seems right in Luvo Manyonga’s world.

The freakishly talented athlete made headlines last year when he claimed silver in the long jump at the Rio Olympics and began 2017 with a leap of 8.62m, the South African record.

But the 26-year-old’s recent success doesn’t everything is now hunky dory in his personal life.

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In fact, Manyonga has chosen to publicly state how difficult his rehabilitation from drug abuse remains.

The man from Mbekweni in Paarl was addicted to tik – crystal meth in South African terms – and was banned for 18 months in 2012 when he tested positive during a routine test.

“I have been battling substance abuse since I was a teenager and it has been a difficult journey,” Manyonga said in a statement.

“I want to show others there is no shame in your past and to empower others to shake off the stigma associated with addiction.”

Manyonga didn’t travel to Rio without help.

He was actually enrolled in rehabilitation programme in the build-up to the showpiece and is currently still busy participating in the relevant treatment facility’s aftercare.

“Decisions such as the one I have taken to be a part of a rehabilitation movement hopefully can allow others to admit to the daily challenges,” said Manyonga.

“I am committed to staying drug free and I want to achieve great things in my career and life. To achieve my goals and dreams I understand that I will need all the support I can get.”

It’s understood Manyonga was tested immediately after his record jump in Pretoria, delivering a negative result.

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