Sport Staff
1 minute read
25 Nov 2019
1:56 pm

WATCH: TKO … or Tray Knock-Out! Outrageous kickboxing video surfaces

Sport Staff

This fight certainly coins the term 'irrelevant referee'!

Fun times in this ring! Photo: Twitter.

A lot of people merely smirk when boxing purists note that the sport is highly technical.

To be fair, it does require a substantial amount of training and tactical acumen, but predominantly, the pugilistic arts are considered a bit wild.

However, a video of a kickboxing fight at an unknown bar has surfaced that totally redefines the terms “crazy” and “irrelevant referee”.

Not only does the arbiter in the ring seem to be oblivious to applying any rules, he even allows the two fighters to be hit with trays!

It’s utter compelling chaos!

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