Wesley Botton
Chief sports writer
2 minute read
19 Jan 2020
8:31 am

Trying to balance the netball seesaw

Wesley Botton

Having tentatively reached a solid platform to kick on, the Proteas can't afford to regress after Norma Plummer's departure.

Wesley Botton.

Like watching two children of vastly different sizes trying to balance a seesaw, the progress of the national netball team has been awkward to watch. Facing the world’s best sides in recent years, the Proteas have lost games they should have won, they’ve thrown victories away at the death and they’ve produced some performances which have been stunningly poor by their own standards. But on the path to most of their defeats, they’ve been able to put up a fight, and for every loss, they’ve pulled it back with a win. Now, launching a new era under head coach Dorette...