Heinz Schenk
2 minute read
20 Apr 2017
5:36 am

Proteas can thank Russell Domingo’s fishing buddies if he stays

Heinz Schenk

South Africa's coach admits he has more clarity over his future and suggests he might just heed CSA's plea to re-apply for his post.

It sounds as if Russell Domingo's fire for the Proteas still burns. Photo: Sydney Seshibedi/Gallo Images.

It took a few weeks of fishing to clear his mind but Russell Domingo has more clarity over his future.

And it’s good news for the Proteas.

“I’ve loved my four years to date with the side,” he said on Wednesday.

“It’s any coach’s dream to be involved at this level and having the opportunity to try and win the World Cup. If I’m fortunate enough, I’d love to have that opportunity again but it’s not in my control.”

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Cricket South Africa (CSA) earlier this month confirmed they’d start the process of calling for applications after next month’s board meeting and annual awards.

The governing body has asked Domingo to re-apply because his current contract, which ends in August, has already been extended three times.

Under South African labour law, Domingo would have a legal claim for permanent employment – something no sporting federation can afford with any coach.

As a result, CSA are merely covering their legal bases instead of doubting Domingo’s ability.

Following the Proteas’ successful tour to New Zealand, the 42-year-old sounded reluctant to throw his name into the hat again.

But a three-week break seems to have refreshed him.

“I just think my fishing mates like bragging that they have a national coach as a buddy,” said Domingo jokingly.

“It was actually them that encouraged me to consider re-applying again. Whether I do, we’ll see.”

South Africa’s mentor is probably justified in being cautious at the moment because CSA themselves have admitted no details on the application process have been finalised yet.

“I need to find out what the process is first,” said Domingo.

“It’s not really that important whether I throw my name into the hat. It’s the process that needs to take place that’s more important.

“The people that make the decisions are the most important figures in this process. The powers that be determine what’s best for South African cricket. I’m committed. My passion is South African cricket, whether it’s with the Proteas or an academy side.”

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