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24 Jun 2017
6:50 am

Bookmakers go big on July

Citizen Reporter

The guaranteed Pick 6 and Quartet pools are to give customers the confidence upfront to bet big, says TAB boss, Vee Moodley.

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TAB is guaranteeing a R10-million Pick 6 pool for next weekend’s Durban July at Greyville and a massive R13-million Quartet pool on the big race.

The Durban July traditionally triggers the biggest betting day of the year in Africa. Hundreds of millions of rand are bet with TAB and bookmakers on the day and TAB alone will pay out more than R120 million in winning bets.

The Pick 6 pool starts with a R2-million carryover and TAB expects the final total pool to soar over R11 million. TAB is backing its prediction by guaranteeing a R10-million pool and will make up any shortfall. To win the Pick 6, you must choose the winners of Races 4 to 9.

TAB is expecting a mega Quartet pool of more than R15 million on the Durban July and is again backing its estimate by guaranteeing a R13-million pool. The pool starts with a R1.2-million carryover and punters who manage to choose the first four to finish can count on a substantial payout.

TAB will also pay six places on the race, which means that customers who bet a horse for a place in the big race will collect if their choice finishes in the first six.

“The guaranteed Pick 6 and Quartet pools are to give customers the confidence upfront to bet big. Bigger pools encourage customers to bet more and they don’t have to guess whether Pick 6 on the meeting and the July Quartet will be huge – we are guaranteeing it,” said TAB boss Vee Moodley.

Other highlights include a likely R3.5-million Place Accumulator pool and R1-million plus Quartet pools on both Races 1 and 12. TAB betting on the meeting opens on Monday. – Citizen reporter