Sibongiseni Gumbi
Football Writer
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2 Apr 2020
4:26 pm

WATCH: Steve Komphela’s message for SA men

Sibongiseni Gumbi

Golden Arrows coach Steve Komphela has urged South African men to protect their families during this difficult time as the country battles the spread of the coronavirus.

Steve Komphela coach of Golden Arrows (Photo by Philip Maeta/Gallo Images)

In a video posted on his Twitter account on Thursday, Komphela called on men to avoid conflicts and being in situations that might lead them to doing wrong things.

Although he did not come out and say so in plain words, Komphela might have been referring to the scourge of domestic violence in the country. With families locked together for 21 days as the country is on lockdown, there might be domestic fights as men fail to control their emotions or allow the frustration of sitting at home to overrule their judgement.

“The message is directed to us men… as men we are not only protectors, we are providers. We are not only providers, we are protectors. Inasmuch as we know time for provision is when we (can) go to work and come back and provide for our families it is now the time when we need to protect.

“It is not protection of family or yourself on the outside (on the streets). But the protection of them inside (our homes), even the protection of them against us.

“Let us try not being only the shield, not only the providers but the be the protection as well. Please gentlemen, let us look after our families. As I said, if you have nothing positive to say, absolutely nothing.

“Take your position, maintain your space. Move away from an environment that will mislead you into actually be doing the wrong things. And as I said, keep clean, go for good smells, look for everything in a positive light. Listen to everything more positively. When you look at life like that then everything just becomes easy. See right, hear right, feel right. The minute those three happen, you will feel right and act right and the outcome will definitely be the right one. Let’s just to get a positive filer all the way. Provide and protect.”

Watch Komphela’s message to SA men:

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