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14 Jan 2017
6:04 pm

Blow by blow: Gabon vs Guinea-Bissau

Phakaaathi Reporter

Gabon face Guinea-Bissau in the opening match of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations.

AFP/File / Carl De Souza
Gabon's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang during the Africa Cup of Nations match against Burkina Faso in Bata on January 17, 2015

– full time: Gabon 1-1 Guinea-Bissau

– 90′  Soares for Guinea-Bissau in injury time. Gabon 1-1 Guinea-Bissau

– 89′ three minutes if added time will be played

– 86′ referee’s call is in Guinea-Bissau’s favour

– 82′ goal kick to Guinea-Bissau

– 78′ Zezinho needs medical treatment after a late challenge on him. He seem to be in a lot of pain

– 74′ corner to Guinea-Bissau the ball goes past D Ovono of Gabon

– 67′ Gabon win the second ball

– 60′ quick clearance from Jonas

– 57′ D Ovono prevents an own goal as one of his defenders plays the ball at his goal posts

– 50′ Aubameyang gets the opening goal for the host nation. Gabon 1-0 Guinea-Bissau

– 47′ Jonas concedes a corner after making a superb save to deny Bouanga a goal

– 46′ offside call goes against Gabon

– the second half is underway

Half time: Gabon 0-0 Guinea-Bissau

– 45′ a late corner for Guinea-Bissau with a minute off added time to player

– 44′  Juary receives medical treatment as he was fouled.

– 43′ throw in for Gabon

– 40′ a free kick from Gabon goes out for a goal kick to Guine-Bissau with all of Gabon’s players in the ball fail to get to it as the was floating in the air

– 39′ Bouanga is frustrated by the referee giving the visiting side the advantage after he was pushed off the ball

–  34′ Guinea-Bissau goalkeeper Jonas needs medical treatment of his culf muscle

– 30′ Zezinho gets the first effort at goal from Guinea-Bissau, it sails wide at goal

– 28′ Palun weaves past a few defenders before his pass in cleared for a corner to the home side

– 24′ referee’s call is in favour of Guinea Bissau following a jersey pulling contest between Dabu and Evouna

– 20′ Excellent turn from Aubameyang to lose his mark, his cross into the box is falls kindly for Guinea-Bissau defenders

– 18′ Bouanga from the edge of the penalty box is blocked, the second ball in quickly cleared by Guinea-Bissau

– 16′ throw in for Guinea-Bissau

– 13′ Ndong gives away the ball in the final third as he was search for Aubameyang or Bouanga with a ball played in the middle into the box

– 10′ throw in for Gabon

– 7′ Bouanga’s first touch is too heavy as the ball rolls out for a throw in for Guinea

– 3′ goal kick to Guinea

– The game is underway

Starting XI 

Gabon: D Ovono, Appindangoye, Ecuele m, Obiang, Palun, Tandjigora, Lemina, Ndong, Evouna, Aubameyang, Bouanga

Guinea-Bissau: Jonas, Dabo, Rudinilson, Juary, Soares, Zezinho, Santos, Nanissio, Brito, Camara, Mario