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16 Sep 2021
12:33 pm

Oupa Manyisa is not missing as reports suggest

Mgosi Squad

A source close to Oupa Manyisa has rubbished claims that he is missing.

A source close to Oupa Manyisa has rubbished claims that the former Orlando Pirates and Mamelodi Sundowns star is missing. (Samuel Shivambu/BackpagePix)

Following a claim in the daily newspaper that Oupa Manyisa’s tenants in his in Roodepoort house are struggling to get hold of him and has been missing for some time, a source close to the player has rubbished those claims.

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The source says the occupants of the house have Manyisa’s cellphone numbers, which he hasn’t changed and they just want to paint him as a bad person.

Manyisa was said to have not been in contact with the tenants and has been sending people to the house to collect rent. But, the source says the family, who have been living in Manyisa’s property for a number of years, have been giving the players problems after a year of occupying the house.

“If you know Ace (Oupa Manyisa), then you will know that the guy is one of the people in the world who has a very good heart. He is a patient guy and you will never see him fighting or arguing. So, these people took advantage of his good heart and at some point stopped paying the lease agreement,” said the source.

“He let them stay in the house because they said they are dealing with some issues. But months passed and they didn’t do anything. It came to a point where he told them that they now have to move out because he had organised for someone to stay in that house, but they didn’t want to move out.

“They claimed that the house is theirs, but, what’s funny is that they asked him to sell it to them. So, you see that they are trying to make themselves victims here whereas Ace is the victim because of his kindness. The guy just wants to concentrate on reviving his career, that’s why he doesn’t even to talk to you guys (the media) about it. But it will be solved soon,” said the source.