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Phakaaathi Reporter
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15 Jun 2018
3:48 pm

Ronaldo accepts two-year prison sentence, fine for tax evasion

Phakaaathi Reporter

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed to pay a £16.5 million fine.

Cristiano Ronaldo / AFP PHOTO / LLUIS GENE

This comes after he was accused of defrauding the Spanish government in unpaid tax.

Ronaldo agreed to the two-year suspended prison sentence and paying the fine, which is about R295 million in our (struggling) currency.

His net worth is estimated to be as high as £250 million. Although the fine seems hefty, it’s less than his annual salary, and he makes millions out of endorsements and sponsorships too.

The Portugal forward had admitted to four charges of fraud, meaning he wouldn’t have to face jail time.