Sean Van Staden
5 minute read
14 Feb 2021
6:30 am

Ingredients for sporting success: reliability, consistency and being better than ‘average’

Sean Van Staden

Thinking out the box to gain the advantage was key to winning medals consistently and if this is the secret recipe, then you best start coping and tailoring a winning formula.

Usain Bolt of Jamaica found he was best suited to running fast and became the best in the world. Picture: Getty Images

A new week and some new goals to tackle. Last week we covered sports science testing to validate if all your training meets the standard and demands of your sport. This week we are focusing on the performance side of your training. With your assessment results you will be put into categories of poor, below average, average, above average, good and excellent. If you are waiting to compete at pro’ level, then you need to be hitting the top ends of above average and good. We term the “above average” ranking “High Performance” and “good” ranking the “Peak Performance” category”....