Sean Van Staden
4 minute read
21 Mar 2021
6:52 am

Everything you need to know about concussions and head injuries

Sean Van Staden

Head injuries are not treated with the respect and caution they deserve and are often shrugged off as “nothing serious”.

Former Crusaders player Ryan Crotty leaves the field with a suspected concussion. Picture: Hannah Peters/Getty Images

Most young athletes dream of turning professional some day. Most parents of young athletes dream of their child playing for the Springboks or for a professional team. Both athletes and parents think of how their lives would change - the prestige, the wealth, and the fame. But little do parents and athletes worry about the risks associated with their sporting choices. Most professionals who have made it would say the rewards out-weigh the risks. After a long career of heading the ball, taking tackles to the body and occasional hard blows to the head, imagine a world you loved so...