Four men sentenced for 2012 Selcourt house robbery

Four robbers, who were caught for house robbery in Selcourt in 2012, were sentenced in the Springs Regional Court on Tuesday (August 26).

A security guard used his time at work to look out for possible houses to rob.

According to Captain Johannes Ramphora, spokesman for the Springs police, while the guard was on duty, heĀ approached a domestic worker working outside at the time, and questioned her about the occupants of the house.

He says the guard later informed his three friends where the house is.

The police were tipped off and surprised the four robbers by waiting for them inside the house.

The robbers, of whom only two were armed, broke down the back door of the house to gain entry.

Ramphora says when the police shouted ‘stop’ at the robbers they started shooting at the police.

The police returned fire and two robbers were wounded at the time.

The four robbers were arrested on the scene.

He says the guard was using his service pistol and the other robber a stolen firearm at the time of the robbery.

They have appeared in court several times since then and bail has been denied.

On September 18, 2013, three of the robbers pleaded guilty to house robbery and were sentenced.

One robber was sentenced to 15 years, another to 20 years and the third one to 10 years.

Ramphora says the guard claimed he is not guilty.

He appeared in the Springs Regional Court last Tuesday where he was found guilty of armed robbery and was
sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Ramphora says two years is a long time, but this a successful case not only for the Springs police but for the community.

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