Police more helpful than believed

My family and I were recently involved in an armed house robbery.


Whilst usually the police report these incidents to the Addie on a weekly ybasis in the crime round-up, this particular incident was not reported.

This isn’t a major issue to me, as I would prefer to remain anonymous, however, residents of Daggafontein Extension One and surrounding areas should be aware of crime in their area.

Especially when opening doors to let dogs out or for any other reason regardless of how much security they might have.

These particular robbers were so quiet that my dogs themselves were none the wiser.

When I drive past houses in my area I notice how some residents don’t keep their doors closed or leave security gates open whilst being at home.

They should know that they are opening themselves up to such circumstances.

We don’t want to feel like prisoners in our own homes but unfortunately to protect ourselves from increasing crime we have very little choice.

If you notice any truly suspicious vehicles parked on the side of the road and it makes you feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to phone the police, they are more helpful than one might think.

Policing does start in our community and if everyone is more aware, perhaps we can make it a safer place.

After I made the call to 10111, the police got to our house in record time. three minutes to be exact.

Remarkable service from Springs police.

Keep up the good work.

Vigilant resident.

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