Kgosi Modisane
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3 Jun 2017
6:59 am

The perfect winter getaway

Kgosi Modisane

The hotel is perfect for families or for couples looking to reignite a romance.

The Cathkin Peak area of the Central Drakensberg Mountains in KwaZulu-Natal.

Just about four hours out of the bustle of Joburg city life is a scenic, serene mountainous resort.

Nestled in the Cathkin Peak area of the Central Drakensberg Mountains in KwaZulu-Natal lies the award-winning, stylish Drakensberg Sun Resort, one of the few destinations that evokes fun and romance.

Having connected up my girls for a weekend getaway, the biggest challenge was finding a boot large enough to load all the bags which were packed in anticipation of some time in one of the coldest areas in South Africa.

Sadly, the snow had not fallen over the mountains to create that enchanted white covering.

The tedious drive down the N3 highway was brought alive with a joyful playlist from ’90s pop and RnB hits, paired with laughter and countless photo taking pitstops.

Having a trusted GPS navigating system, it was only fitting that we finally arrived at the resort at the calculated ETA, which also coincidentally fell around cocktail hour on the terrace overlooking the crystal blue pool area and lake.

The lovely staff was more than willing to assist with offloading the bags.

Before we knew it, we had to freshen up in time for dinner at the newly-refurbished restaurant, which overlooks the resort’s private lake and provides guests with a sumptuous dining experience.

The Lakeview Restaurant is undergoing an extensive renovation, promising to ultimately provide a fresh, contemporary feel, complemented by new and exciting offerings and extra meal choices, in a warm, rich and comfortable setting. With an extra buffet, they are presenting a variety of delectable, freshly prepared dishes.

The chefs at Lakeview Restaurant were always on hand to prepare a fresh omelette of your choice for breakfast, and again in the evenings, to prepare a selection of fresh local trout that is then grilled to perfection.

Inside the rooms were two double beds, which moulded to every inch of my body. I fell asleep instantly and was awakened by bright rays of sunshine peeping through the curtains.

The resort caters for families: having a babysitting service is among the reasons this resort is on the list of best vacation destinations in the country.

Couples can look forward to having a trusted and wellequipped babysitter fill in for them while they enjoy the best of the Spoilt Green Eco-Spa.

The spa offers three chic and comfortable treatment rooms – one of which is a couple’s room – as well as a list of treatments, which includes hot stone body massage and full body African balm deluxe.


Canopy Tour On the Saturday, waking up to the dewy grass of the Drakensburg, carbo loading seemed fitting for the adventures the day would bring. With no idea what was meant by “canopy tour”, our thoughts were a little water sport or a ride through the hills and valleys which surrounded the resort.

However, my non-existent fear of heights would soon see me strive and conquer.

Upon arriving at the base camp, the awesome staff and tour guides talked us through the exciting 500-metre hike, which followed 12 zipline cables stretched across the gorge.

The ziplines are each designed to test your mental fortitude in a number of ways as each was ei – ther faster, longer, wider or scar – ier than the other. However, hav – ing the eager and friendly guides and coaches there helped ease the nerves.

From the moment you launch off the first platform, a new world unfolds as you slide on steel ca – bles across to the next viewpoint.

At each platform you get to enjoy the view while your guide points out interesting features and facts about the surrounding environment. Each tour lasts three hours and upon returning to the reception you are given a light meal.

Horse Riding What’s a weekend visit out in the country without a gallop on a horse to take in the luscious green scenery?

The hotel resort offers an inhouse horse riding experience which is perfect for family bond – ing or a team building experience.

Each horse has been groomed and trained to meet international standards, which is evident in the golden glaze in the coats from the wide range of horses like the Liver chestnut (very dark brown coat) which is sometimes simply called a “brown” and the Sorrel (reddish-tan to red coat).

Having saddled up on my horse, which was a stallion, there was an instant bond between him and I.

Led by an experienced rider from the rocky areas of Lesotho, I was confident enough that this would be an experience I would enjoy.

Hiking Among other exciting offerings which surround the hotel is a hik – ing trail up the cliffs of the Blue Grotto, Fern Forest, Ellis Hike and the Lake Walk hills and cliffs.

It is most fitting before a picnic on top of the cliff, while gazing at the golden rose sunset between the valleys and the breathtaking hues of the rusty winter.

Each of the four trails has a dedicated theme, from a fun walk with the kids to a trail for lovers seeking to reignite the spark in their relationship.

What captured my eye during my stay was seeing the smiles on the faces of all guests, from toddlers to obviously relaxed parents.


  • To book your family stay at the Drakensberg Resort, contact
  • Telephone: 036-468-1000
  • Fax: 036-468-1224
  • e-mail: drakensbergsun.reser –

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