Leigh Crymble
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17 Apr 2014
8:00 am

The Lo Down: Forget about botox

Leigh Crymble

Whether you see them as laugh lines, marks of wisdom, or just unsightly creases of the skin, wrinkles are a reality in adult life with millions of rand spent each year to reduce the appearance of these signs of ageing.

CHILL ROOM. Bio-Therapeutic treatments are administered in relaxing surroundings at Sherbet Angel in Parkhurst. Picture: Supplied.

Rejuvenate tired, dull skin

With the colder, drier months of winter approaching, our skin starts taking strain. After complaining about lifeless skin and increased wrinkle lines of my own, a friend told me about her secret weapon: the bt (Bio-Therapeutic) treatment, and I was intrigued. “I had a few bt-Cocktail facials before my wedding and the effects were remarkable,” she told me, “It’s quick, painless, and non-invasive.”

Although I am not averse to giving botox a go at some point in the future (experts recommend having a course of botox as early as 25 to offset the effects of ageing), I decided to start slow and booked a bt-Cocktail facial at Sherbet Angel – a salon in Parkhurst, Joburg which specialises in the Bio-Therapeutic range.

Sherbet Angel salon owners Lisa Rautenbach and Jo Gardner are big fans of the bt brand, which they say is becoming a very popular treatment at their salon. “We offer the bt-Cocktail facial where we use the bt products as well as what is called a bt-micro, a small hand-held device that uses ultrasonic currents to help with skin exfoliation and absorption of the serum.”

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Diminish fine lines and wrinkles

During the one-hour facial, three bt serums are applied to your face and neck area called Energy 1, Energy 2, and Energy 3. Each of these serums are designed to target the skin in different ways with antioxidants in each to help reduce oil, brighten the skin tone, defend against sun damage, and reduce the effects of skin ageing.

My verdict? The treatment itself is just as my friend promised: quick and painless. I felt a slight tingling whilst the bt-micro was being used and although Rautenbach had stressed to me before we started that the bt-Cocktail facial is more about purpose than pampering, I was still able to lie back and relax as my skin batteries were recharged. I only had the one session but I could immediately see a change – although not completely gone, my frown lines have lessened and my skin feels more elastic and looks far more vibrant.

For best results, Rautenbach advises booking a series of facials and using the bt-Cocktail 3-step system at home with particular focus on the common areas of concern; eyes, cheek, and jaw lines.

Together with Sherbet Angel and Bio-Therapeutic, I have a bt-Cocktail facial and 3-step set (valued at over R2000) to give away to a reader. Simply tweet me @Le1ghLo and tell me why your skin needs a bt boost before winter to stand a chance of winning.

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