Kgosi Modisane
4 minute read
16 Sep 2017
6:30 am

Painting the town red with Radisson

Kgosi Modisane

Hipsters will love it: Cape Town's Radisson Red goes for an unconventional feel.

Picture via Radisson Red on Facebook

The newest addition to the Radisson hotel franchise, the Radisson Red, recently opened its doors and I was one of the very first who got to experience its decadence.

The hotel reception has a most unconventional system in which guests are greeted at the door by staff members in kilts and roller-skates.

Situated in the Cape Town city centre near the Waterfront, the Radisson Red is the perfect location for an opulent vacation in the Mother City.

The hotel staff are young, funky, energetic and eager to assist to make your stay as pleasurable as possible. Dressed simply in jeans and T-shirts, they help the hotel pull in an alternative crowd.

The six-storey industrial-structured building has 252 rooms, ranging from the standard two-sleeper studio to the studio suites, with balconies and sea views and, of course, pet-friendly rooms.

Inside the standard studio room is a queen-sized bed layered with delicate pillows that mould to the shape of your neck, a graphic wallpapered wall unique to each room and four spacious wardrobes.

My personal favourite was the bathroom with idiosyncratic, minimalist white and red mosaic tiles wall to wall and bright translucent light.

One of the coolest features in the rooms is the electronic window shutters, which when lowered cover the room in pitchblack silence, giving the illusion that it could still be nighttime somewhere else in the city.

However, when rolled up, the view from the wide window encompasses the beautiful Table Mountain and Lion’s Head as well as the V&A ferris wheel.

What sets the hotel apart from most is the innovative use of technology and social media, as guests are urged to download the app in order to view the full features that come with the hotel as well as order takeout and operate the TV all while typing the caption for your latest post on social media.

The Wi-Fi is accessible anywhere inside the hotel; there is no need to ask for the password – details are there for you behind the room door.

On the roof-top terrace is the pool and entertainment centre, which incorporates the look and feel of the hotel with its big red lorry beer bar and breathtaking view of the Mother City.

Facts about Radisson Red from Dale Simpson, Curator at Radisson Red, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

1. How can guests benefit from the design?

Guests will have a visually appealing experience from the minute they arrive at the hotel. From the HiAll Gallery area through to the studios, rooftop and OUIBar + KTCHN – we have curated an expressive experience.

As guests walk into the hotel, they will notice the differences compared to the traditional hotel setting. For example, there is no front desk. Instead, guests are encouraged to self-check-in while being surrounded by an extremely creative space filled with artwork and expansive windows.

2. What sets the hotel apart from others?

At Radisson Red, our millennial aspect represents a mindset rather than a certain demographic. This is an important note to make as the development of Radisson Red was really a direct response to this growing mindset.

It was about developing a brand which really appealed to this growing market. From our statistics, this market travels overseas more than three times a year and 30% of the time as a sole traveller.

In our developments, these statistics influence the development of our social hives, ensuring technologically we offer guests what they are looking for whether it’s through online check-in or ordering food via our RED app.

The sense of place that our product offers, the inspirations of music, art and fashion and our approach to service is what sets us apart from others.

We put the experience and genuine passion ahead of any processes. Name badges, never, we’ll just say hello. We set ourselves apart from others through our product development approach and our service delivery.

The products and services offered to guests are carefully curated to ensure they deliver that sense of place.

In all of our areas, we will question, what does a sense of place mean and how can we bring this to life? In other areas, it’s about having fun.

With our transport options, yes we can pick you up in a car but you can also hire a branded skateboard, motorbike, scooter or old-school bicycle.

We work as one team with one aim, creating an exceptional guest experience. An experience delivered by genuine people, not processes.