Elaine Flusac
6 minute read
17 May 2020
10:24 am

The future of travel after Covid-19: Part 1

Elaine Flusac

Health screening, space-per-passenger ratios and a redesign of passenger flow are likely to change.

Picture: iStock

By every measure, the coronavirus pandemic has decimated the travel industry. The images of the world’s shutdown are eerie, the numbers are staggering. Approximately 100 million travel sector jobs, according to one global estimate, have been eliminated or will be. Regions and countries are beginning to open up, but the outbreak will undoubtedly change how we think, act and travel – at least in the short term. Frank Farley, a Temple University psychology professor and the former president of the American Psychological Association, said: “The pandemic is going to fade slowly, with aftereffects, a lot of which will be psychological....