Jim Freeman
6 minute read
5 Jul 2020
9:54 am

Take the road less travelled and visit Moordenaars Karoo

Jim Freeman

If you revelled in the isolation of lockdown, a trip down (or up) the N1 could be just the thing to get your spiritual motor running.

Picture: Jim Freeman

There’s a saying in Scotland that sometimes the road less travelled is travelled less for good reason. Philosophically, this dictum suggests that taking a specific course of action imparts no benefit or could even cause harm. In a travel context, it might simply mean there’s bugger-all at the end of the road and little worth seeing along the way. So, it would seem at first glance, is the case with the road heading into the northern part of the intriguingly named Moordenaar’s Karoo* (Murderer’s Karoo) which straddles the N1 in the Western Cape and enfolds Laingsburg. How could anyone who...