Kaunda Selisho
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3 Feb 2021
8:47 am

WATCH: Giraffe survives five-hour ordeal against six lions

Kaunda Selisho

A pride of lions tried to hunt down an adult giraffe, which survived the attack by walking, and walking, and walking.

Pride of lions try to hunt down adult giraffe. Video by Francois Pienaar | Picture: Screenshot

A South African giraffe evaded death and survived getting dragged down and presumably eaten by a pride of six lions at Kruger National’s Klaserie Private Nature Reserve.

“How?” you may ask… By walking.

The giraffe walked until the pride eventually gave up and left it alone and this was all captured in a video by photographer and safari guide Francois Pienaar.

According to a Daily Mail report, Pienaar captured the intense moment from about 30 meters (100 feet) away.

In a short clip of the ordeal – which is said to have lasted five hours – the giraffe can be seen emerging from the bush with one lion positioned firmly on its back, holding on using its claws.

A number of other lions can be seen grabbing on to the giraffe’s hyde.

One more lion then attempts to jump onto the giraffe’s back while they all take turns biting and clawing at it.

What the video, shared by Lions Of Kruger National Park below:

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