Michelle Loewenstein
2 minute read
24 Aug 2013
8:00 am

The bridal biz

Michelle Loewenstein

Reality TV will make a meal out of any normal life situation. Viewers happily tune in for shows about cake makers, hairdressers, and disturbingly enough, people with no occupation at all aside from being ridiculously vapid.

However, there seems to be one life event that turns regular folks into the most entertaining TV stars on the planet. Anyone who has ever been part of any form of wedding plans know that the transformation from blushing bride to wedding monster is a sight to behold. The people surrounding the monster are no better, which of course makes for good TV.

There are so many wedding shows on TV that channels are able to dedicate an entire day to them. There’s everything from programmes centred on the cost of weddings to those following around harried wedding planners. One show focuses on the quest for the perfect dress, with a spinoff that deals with the bratty bridesmaids and their ensembles.




My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is probably the most fascinating. Not only do fans get a voyeuristic look at the manic wedding itself, but they also get a bit of insight into a completely different culture – and let’s be honest, the outlandish dresses alone are enough to keep you hooked!

While no South African shows have made their way into the limelight, designers, photographers, and the like are coining it as a result of the wedding show craze. Hiring a wedding planner is becoming more and more popular, no doubt as a result of their popularity on the telly.




This weekend sees the Coca-Cola Dome filled to the brim with everything and more for brides- and grooms-to-be. The Wedding Expo attracts exhibitors from far and wide who offer plenty of services and wares. The expo isn’t the only one on the South African calendar, with many others jostling for position at the top of the nuptial food chain.

The fact is, whether they are providing fodder for reality TV, or merely inspiring designers to envelope themselves in balls of lace and silk, weddings are big business. So perhaps the old saying needs to be modified; nothing is certain except death, taxes and weddings.