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9 Jul 2022
8:34 am

No more instant online visas to Turkey for South Africans

Citizen Reporter

South Africans planning to enter Turkey with their e-online Visa might find themselves stranded at passport control as the country implemented new visa rules overnight.

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What used to be one of the most seamless processes to obtain a visa to enter a foreign country is about to turn into a massive headache for South African tourists travelling to Turkey.

Business Insider reported on Friday that travel agencies are warning their customers that their e-visas to enter Turkey are not valid, even if they were issued online from 6 July 2022.

The country who recently changed its name to Türkiye, have yet to release a statement explaining these new changes.

Previously South Africans could apply for a visa online to enter Turkey at least 48 hours before their flight departed after which it would be emailed to you.

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But this system has now been disabled for South Africans wishing to travel to the country.

One website where South Africans could previously apply for their e-online visa, Visas Turkey, posted a short message on their website regarding the new changes.

“From July 8, 2022 nationals of South Africa are no longer eligible to apply for a Turkey online visa. If you need to travel to Turkey, contact your nearest Turkish Embassy or the government. For more updates, check this page.”

How to apply for a Turkish visa from 8 July 2022:

Documents South Africans need to apply for a Turkish visa:

  • Documents attesting to the income status of the applicant and inviting person
  • Flight Reservation
  • Hotel Booking or Invitation
  • Supporting document on the applicant’s commitment to return (Land registry, business certificate, salary table, bank account statement)
  • Letter from Home Affairs confirming current residence in South Africa
  • Letter of Employment
  • Police Clearance
  • Old and current passports
  • Bank Statement for three months
  • Biometric Photo (5×5 cm, white background)
  • Travel Insurance covering the duration of visit
  • Payment for visa (R954 per person)

 Visit and follow the visa process.

Fill in your personal information, passport information, upload required documents, submit your application and then download the completed pre-application form.

Go to the Turkish Embassy in Pretoria along with the documentation as uploaded and originals of the required documents which include your passport, and two 5*5 biometric photos.

*Compiled by Xanet Scheepers