Kulani Nkuna
2 minute read
27 Sep 2013
9:00 am

Spicing things up on the Spice Route

Kulani Nkuna

The scenic splendour that accompanies the Spice Route almost threatens to take away from the products that are offered at location of this great treasure.

Before sampling all that the route has to offer, the views on their own are perfect for the out-of-towner to want to settle on the wooden chairs with the wine farm and the mountain further ahead for company.

Tranquility and the accompanying breeze are enough and this, as far as I am concerned was the zenith of the trip.

Alas, and unbeknownst to me there was more. With regard to the history of the place, the story goes that, centuries ago a desire to explore exotic flavours and experiences would have meant waiting for the seasonal return of the traders waging the Spice Route. Today you can set off on your own journey of discovery when visiting the Spice Route in Paarl. The Spice Route destination offers a sensory journey for the modern-day explorer with a love for authenticity and craftsmanship.




“The vision for Spice Route is to offer local and international tourists a group of hand-picked artisanal producers, who puts as much thought, skill and passion into their products, as the Spice Route winemaker, Charl du Plessis, does when crafting his wines,” says Spice Route Wines owner Charles Back.

Spice Route lends an experience that is completely unique to the wine and hospitality industry. Small-scale levels of production in the cosy cellars are a joy to be part of because everything seems so accessible. Those who work in the spaces are well-versed with regard to their product and the history of the area often going beyond their job description to alert the inquisitive visitor about the mood and environment of the place. In essence, The Spice Route is a collaboration of artisans that showcase their produce and share their knowledge with the public and each other.




The chocolate and wine pairing is a favourite at the Spice Route’s Tasting Room. If that is not up to your taste then you can enjoy a culinary journey of note at the Spice Route Restaurant while admiring the view of Table Mountain. Or you can savour some craft beer, brewed in the traditional style at the Cape Brewing Company (CBC) or relax in our beer garden aptly called the Barley & Biltong. One of the great appeals of the route is that there is something for everyone, including just laying back and taking in the scenery.