Genevieve Vieira
1 minute read
15 Nov 2013
10:00 am

Commune with nature in Magaliesburg

Genevieve Vieira

The sound of trickling water has a meditative quality that assists with relaxation. It also symbolises purity, clarity and calmness.

Aside from possibly making you want to visit the restroom more regularly, water has a soothing effect that cannot be substituted.

In the hurried lifestyle of our day and age, everyday stresses become too much, stealing years from our lifespans. Sadly, people often do not realise how beneficial holidays can be – time away from daily activities, ridding themselves of all the things that keep us from rest. If you’re like me, then calming the mind is not the easiest of tasks. But just like people use water to wash dirt from their bodies, water can also be used to cleanse the mind.

Mount Grace Country House and Spa in Magaliesburg, just an hour away from Johannesburg, is surrounded by streams, trickling fountains, rock features and splash pools, which are complimented by its pristine gardens. With greenery all around, this luxurious lodge with its country-style buildings makes it difficult to imagine life beyond its walls, even though gritty civilisation is just minutes away.

Mount Grace provides an oasis for water meditation, remindful of a calm and steady mind without having to sit awkwardly crossed legged with your hands on your knees. Go on a simple roam around the gardens, take a quick plunge in the pool (with the added calming effect of buoyancy), or set up a picnic near a pond. All of these can provide the tranquility you’re after – refreshing mind, body and soul. Go, enjoy and let your stresses wash away, literally.