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A sh*tty day out: Japan’s poop museum gets glowing reviews from visitors

The museum is said to be very ‘instagramable’.

When you think about museums, famous museums like the Louvre in Paris, The Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Vatican Museums in Vatican City comes to mind. Something as ridiculous as a poop museum has most likely never crossed your mind – maybe when you were high, once in your youth, the hilarious thought could have crossed your mind.

Well folks, whether the Japanese were high, or just trying to put the fun back in museums for visitors, we’ll never know, but their Unko Museum in Tokyo has been getting glowing reviews from visitors all over the world on Tripadvisor.

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Unko museum in Tokyo

‘Unko’ is the Japanese word for ‘poop’. According to an information piece about the Japanese poop museum by the website Japan Travel Planning, the Unko museum is really more of an entertainment facility, offering a variety of fun, interactive experiences and themed games.

There are also areas for unique photo opportunities that will have your Instagram account blowing up.

According to the report by Japan Travel Planning, the museum’s mission is to change people’s perception about poop. You won’t find any brown, stinky turds there. The museum is filled with bright, cute and colourful poops, even featuring an area with cute interactive poop animals.

Why you should visit the poop museum

If you enjoy quirky experiences, this is one stop you should include on your travel bucket list. Small children will also have a ball of a time playing and interacting with all the poop games.

What visitors think about the crappy outing

Australian Mark Harris visited the museum in October last year. “What a s**tty place (I love it)! Embrace the silliness, snap some cute pictures, and just enjoy the kawaii (poop).  Just to set the tone: after a quick intro video, you’ll be ushered into a room of pastel toilets to “create” your own (plastic) poop that you can take home. This is a great place for kids (or very silly adults like me). It’s very “Instagrammable”, but half the fun is getting all the goofy neon snaps,” he wrote on Tripadvisor.

Another visitor said it was “Hilarious, bright, creative, and worth it for a laugh and some funny pics. It was interactive and well done though small.”

“Who knew that poop could be so entertaining! This small museum makes you see poop in a totally different light….colourful, fun, entertaining. After purchasing tickets, you sit on a toilet and yell “unko” and out comes poop which you take with you as you go through the museum. There are many fun photo opportunities and interactive areas. There were lots of families having fun. I wouldn’t categorise this as a true museum, more of an amusement venue. There is a gift shop but wouldn’t you know, no restrooms in the museum! We spent about an hour here,” said a tourist from the United States.

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