Bobby van Jaarsveld’s travels (and abs) have everyone jealous

Bobby van Jaarsveld says travelling to the Maldives, amidst Covid-19 restrictions, is easy.

Bobby van Jaarsveld and his family have recently returned from the Maldives and he says travelling there, during a time of Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown, was much easier than he expected.

In a recent Instagram post, he uttered his disappointment on having to return to lockdown after spending time in paradise, where no quarantine was needed and the only requirement was a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

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Fans have been following the Afrikaans singer and his family, who have certainly made the best of their time in the Maldives.

On his Instagram account, Bobby van Jaarsveld shared images of him cycling on the island, scuba diving with his family, enjoying waterside dining, indulging in a glass of beer (yet another reason for South Africans to be jealous), fishing, sipping cocktails and tanning in a proudly South African speedo.

He also shared footage of his diving experience in the Maldives, saying that diving was one of his favourite hobbies. He captioned one Instagram post by saying: “The biggest lesson I’ve learned from Covid is to live and really live in the now. Grateful for these unforgettable moments with my family.”

Bobby van Jaarsveld fishing in the Maldives
Bobby van Jaarsveld fishing in the Maldives. Image: Instagram

As their time ran out on the island, Bobby van Jaarsveld posted an image of him lounging on the beach with the caption: “Almost time to go home. From paradise to lockdown, almost like Zuma.”

Bobby van Jaarsveld not wanting to return to lockdown
A relaxed Bobby van Jaarsveld not wanting to return to lockdown. Image: Instgram

Bobby van Jaarsveld has been building his singing career since grade 11 and has won numerous awards. He has also been cast in Afrikaans movies like Liefling and As Jy Sing, and he has played in various theatre and musical productions. He is married to Anna Rheeders and together they have two sons, Sion and Leben, and a daughter named Armani.

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