BP’s green hydrogen project takes off

BP has begun rolling out its green hydrogen plans. What's being done at this stage?

BP plc and Danish renewable energy group Orsted have partnered to develop zero-carbon hydrogen at a German oil refinery.

This is BPs first major full-scale project in a sector that is expected to grow rapidly. In an announcement, BP said it had signed a letter of intent with Orsted to collaborate on the project.

According to the oil and gas giant, the scheme will involve the development of an initial 50-megawatt electrolyser as well as “associated infrastructure” at its Lingen Refinery.

The electrolyser, BP said, was expected to generate nearly 9,000 metric tons of hydrogen per year. Renewable, or green hydrogen, refers to hydrogen produced via the electrolysis of water, with the electricity used in the process coming from renewable sources like wind and solar.

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