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Happy new calendar day

The idea of a new year has always baffled me. As we chuck the old one in the bin, and go to the shops to get a new one.

The new improved model 2015, now with added features! Double the prosperity than any other model on the market! Buy now and get a free nice day for every 30 bad days.

We do get new calendars and diaries though. Maybe we should start saying, “happy new calendar and diary day. Wow! That is a really nice diary. May your schedule never be too full?”
Brian has reminded me to mention the New Year’s resolution anomaly. He has also reminded me that I need to pay him more but let’s focus on the first point for today. It is an established fact nobody last longer that a few weeks with New Year’s resolutions. Statistically the number one resolution is to quit smoking.

This year I resolve to not stick to any of my New Year’s resolutions. That should not be too difficult. We truly are creatures of habit, to commit to breaking habits each and every new year just because that is what people do on New Years, and then fall right back into our habits after a couple of weeks. It is kind of like putting up a Christmas tree. Personally I dislike that tradition very much. I have no idea where is comes from and I feel that my family and I celebrate Christmas just fine without it. It’s just habit people, just habit. I commend those that take the time to research all these holiday traditions and decide if it is relevant, then and only then apply it to their lives.

It makes you wonder if other things have become habit in our lives and we never question those things anymore. I am talking about things like being in an abusive relationship for too long, or being in a dead end job, or reading about conflicts and Ebola, and potholes, and bankrupted municipalities in the news. I could be here all day listing things we should be thinking twice about.

For example I have started questions why Brian is sentient? Maybe I should donate him to science.

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