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Dads and little ones enjoy Father’s Day

De Little Stars learners spent quality time with daddies by creating memories in celebration of Father’s Day.

De Little Stars Daycare and Aftercare Preschool hosted a Father’s Day Master Chef fun event for dads and their kiddies on June 14 at the New Redruth school.

Daddies took a morning out preparing their best creative sandwiches with learners at the school.

They spent the morning creating beautiful memories that brought joy to both and once playtime was over, daddies were given treats by the school.

Nkululeko and Winter Nonjoli.
Albert Nyambanda and Zendaya Mhlanga.
Mussa and Thokoza Kawana with Lethabo and Mosa Modise.
Eden, Terence and Marley Hill.

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