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WATCH: Register online for Grade 1 and 8 learners from July 11

Remember selecting more schools increases the chances of being placed.

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) announced on July 9 that the 2025 online admissions for grades one and eight application period will be open from July 11 to August 12.

MEC Matome Chiloane said since its introduction in 2015, the online admissions application system has successfully assisted many parents and guardians of Grade One and Eight learners with securing a space for their children in schools.

This system has proven to be more advanced than the previous manual approach, which led to thousands of parents and guardians camping outside schools, especially in high-pressure areas, for days when seeking placement.

Accordingly, the system has a 100% placement rate of all complete applications submitted online; which recently successfully processed the placement of approximately 400 000 learners ahead of the 2024 academic year.

He said all parents and guardians in Gauteng with children going to Grade One and/or Grade Eight must apply online for learners to be admitted to a public school for the 2025 academic year.

All applications will be processed through the GDE online admissions system only. Parents and guardians applying should apply during the application period.

Parents with children currently in Grade R must also apply online for their children to be admitted to Grade One.

Parents are reminded that the system currently only services applications to Grade One and Grade Eight and applications to other grades must be made directly at the school of your choice.

“Grade R learners are not automatically accepted to Grade One at the school where they are currently enrolled in Grade R.

“This means all learners currently enrolled in Grade R in a school or ECD and learners that are not in any type school must apply on the system for admission to a minimum of three and a maximum of five schools,” noted Chiloane.

To apply, parents and guardians must first register on which went live on July 11 at 08:00 for applications.

Parents are expected to register because their previous login details will not work.

After registering, the system will prompt parents to create login credentials (username and password) which they will use to access the system to view and manage their application details.

Once applicants have gained access to the system, they must begin with the application process and ensure that they complete the five-step process:

Step 1: Register parent/guardian details

Step 2: Register home address details

Step 3: Register learner details

Step 4: Apply to a maximum of five schools

Step 5: Uploading documents to the system or submitting documents at schools within seven school days of applying.

When parents are assisted with registration and applications, to avoid errors, parents are encouraged to ensure their information is correctly captured on the registered profile.

The department will not be responsible for information shared with private entities like internet cafés that can be potentially misused.

Parents may visit any of the 80 decentralised walk-in centres set up by the department for assistance. The GDE does not charge parents a fee when assisting them to apply.

Applicants who may not have access to internet or resources required to apply can visit any one of these 80 decentralised walk-in centres located across the 15 education districts where officials will safely assist with applications.

In addition, libraries will also be available to assist parents to apply. Visit the GDE website for more information.
About the placement period, Chiloane explained SMSes with placement offers will be sent to parents from September 16.

The placement period will continue until the last learner is placed at a school.

“To avoid overcrowding at admissions, high-pressure schools, we are continuing to fund identified schools to increase their capacity through the self-build classroom initiative and provision of mobile classrooms.

“The department is aware that some schools in high-pressure areas are oversubscribed, and is using all possible mitigation to ensure all applicants are placed,” he said.

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