Izak Berg has some explaining to do

What exactly happened to the IRASA candidates that you made so many promises to?

Allow me to thank councillor Izak Berg for the most entertaining letters and statements of fiction that he has written and continues to write. Berg claims to be independent and not aligned to any political party. If this is the case, how is it that according to allegations contained in affidavits obtained from Mr Hendrik Smith and Ms Susarra van Niekerk, individuals who were both in the past closely connected to the lRASA, it appears that the Independent Ratepayers Association of SA (IRASA) 2011 Elections were secretly run, managed and funded by ANC councillor Neil Diamond?

Would councillor Berg also explain why apparently, and according to the affidavits, his campaign and that of his so-called “Independent” Ratepayers Association were also run from the offices of Diamond? Perhaps he could also explain why he apparently took instructions from Diamond. This is very fishy!

Will he kindly also explain that if he is “not a mouthpiece of any political party” then how is it that, according to the affidavits, your Election 2011 Campaign meetings were not only attended by councillor Neil Diamond but they were also chaired by him? At these meetings, Diamond would provide strategies for IRASA and advice on how to run the elections. I understand, from the affidavits, that Diamond even assisted you in writing your IRASA constitution. Do you deny all this, councillor Berg?

If all this sounds simply too far-fetched to be true; then let’s look at Berg’s recent ravings against the DA and his subservient and deferential attitude to the ANC. This is the common thread one sees always. With this in mind, one starts to connect the dots and starts to see that indeed Berg is actually ANC in drag.

Who is the one really misleading the residents? Who is the one doing everything under cloak and dagger? What exactly happened to the IRASA candidates that you made so many promises to? They seem to have all “disappeared”. How exactly did you elect them and how is it that you are always on the top of the IRASA list? Election results indicate that IRASA remains stagnant despite councillor Berg bragging to all and sundry before the last local elections that IRASA would be getting 10 seats!

In contrast, the DA has been transparent at every instance. The DA has released its candidate lists for the Legislatures and Parliament, and its process has a number of steps until when the decisions are made as to who goes onto the list and where. Indeed councillor Berg, I do rest my case!

Manny de Freitas, Member of Parliament for Johannesburg South, Lesedi and Midvaal, Shadow Minister of Home Affairs, Democratic Alliance

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