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Top 5 Most expensive items sold on auction: Miscellaneous

The Star of South Africa is not only a beauty but also holds historical significance being part of the first diamonds discovered in Mzansi.

Collectors of all kinda tend to be quite serious about the items they collect, especially the elite with deep heavy pockets. These coveted items not only hold monetary value but also serve as symbols of wealth and prestige.

South African auction houses have witnessed some big-budget biddings, showcasing the allure of these high-end collectibles.

Blue Moon of Jospehine

Previously referred to as the ‘Blue Moon Diamond’, the Blue Moon of Josephine was discovered at the Cullinan Diamond Mine in January 2015. This gemstone easily claims the title of the most desired collectible.

Its rarity and exquisite color contributed to its record-breaking sale, making it one of the most expensive diamonds ever sold.

This 12.03-carat internally flawless blue diamond was sold to  Cora International with a jaw-dropping price of over 200 million South African Rand ($15.6 million USD) at an auction in Johannesburg.

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According to Kannuta Diamonds this beauty was is currently owned by Joseph Lau.

“Mr Lau purchased the diamond for a cool $48.5 million (over $4 million per carat), a world record price per carat for any diamond, ever,” according to Kannuta diamonds.

The Star of South Africa Diamond

Josephine’s runner-up as the most exorbitantly sold gem is the Star of South Africa also known as the “Dudley Diamond”.

Popularly known for its clear and elegant shape, the 47.69 carat gemstone was auctioned for a staggering price of R45 million which is 3.5 million when converted to USD.

The Star of South Africa is not only a beauty but also holds historical significance being part of the first diamonds discovered in Mzansi.

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“It was discovered in 1869 on the banks of the Orange River by an African shepherd boy, who traded it to a Boer settler for 500 sheep, 10 oxen, and a horse,”according to Britannica.

Children Reading the Koran

In the art domain, South African artist Irma Stern’s ‘Children Reading the Koran’ artwork is a vibrant and emotive piece.

The painting broke records by selling for over R20 million.

“Auction house Strauss & Co on Wednesday confirmed the sale of Stern’s Children Reading the Koran (1939), inspired by her trip to Zanzibar. The painting was sold to a bidder on the floor of Tuesday night’s auction,” according to Times Live.

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With its bold brushstrokes and expressive use of color, the painting showcases Stern’s unique artistic style, making it a highly sought-after piece among art enthusiasts.

Pretoria Landscape

Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef, one of South Africa’s most celebrated landscape artists, has also planted a foot in the auction world.

His painting titled “Pretoria Landscape” sold for a staggering price of over R17 million.

The artwork captures the beauty of the South African landscape with its meticulous detail and intricate brushwork, making it a highly prized piece in the art market.

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Grand Constance

With a rich history in winery, last but certainly not least, the Grand Constance bottle from 1821 also fetched an exorbitant price at auction.

Being the most expensive wine bottle ever sold in South Africa it fetched a staggering R967,300.

“In the mid-19th Century the Cape’s original Vin de Constance vineyards were decimated by a combination of exorbitant colonial tariffs and crop plagues and suddenly this sweet wine disappeared from the world”, according to In your pocket.

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