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Our early Valentine’s gift to the wine and art lovers: Upcoming auctions

The auction features American artists like Jim Dine, who is popular for his graphic prints with bright colors and simple imagery.

For art fanatics, wine aficionados and adrenaline seekers alike, the thrill of bidding for authentic artworks and fine wine is an unmatched unique experience. Strauss & Co’s diverse and vibrant art and winery landscape offers a large pool of options for both art and wine lovers.

This Valentine’s season we come bearing gifts – with a glimpse into some of the upcoming wine, and art auctions running online from Monday to next Monday, February 12.

The art part of the auction the White House Gallery takes centre stage with a special focus on rare international prints and a tribute to Alan Uria and his White House Gallery.

Uria, a renowned South African collector and gallerist, had a particular interest in International, Modern, and Contemporary art, which is reflected in the inventory of the White House Gallery.

“After years of collecting, Alan had developed a profound and particular interest in International, Modern and Contemporary art, and the White House Gallery naturally reflected this passion,” according to the Gallery.

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Collection of prints from the White House Gallery include Marino Marini, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol are some of the notable artists featured.

The significance of this session lies in the historical and contemporary resurgence of printmaking, both internationally and locally.

“Internationally, there was a renewed interest in printmaking, especially silkscreen, in the 1960s and that was spearheaded by artists like Andy Warhol in the US and David Hockney in the UK,” said Strauss & Co Senior Art Specialist and Head Curator Wilhelm van Rensburg.

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In South Africa, prints became more accessible to buyers than paintings during the 1970s, and galleries like the White House Gallery played a crucial role in bringing international prints to the country.

Today, with a renewed global interest in printmaking, these prints are re-emerging on the secondary market with increased value. The White House Gallery session celebrates this renewed interest in the medium, paying homage to Alan Uria’s contribution to the printmaking movement in South Africa.

Furthermore, the auction features American artists like Jim Dine, who is popular for his graphic prints with bright colors and simple imagery.

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French-born artist Thierry Guetta, known as Mr Brainwash, showcases his pop-art and street-art inspired prints.

Additionally, there are notable pieces by artists such as Robert Hodgins, Guy du Toit, and Walter Battiss.

Moreover other sessions such as Impression/Expression, feature still life and portrait works, and Re/View, offer buyers a chance to rediscover overlooked pieces.

Strauss & Co presents an opportunity for collectors to acquire rare and valuable artworks, celebrating the diversity and significance of printmaking in the art world.

Rhône theme

Strauss & Co‘s first timed online wine auction of 2024, features a selection of highly sought-after Rhône-style wines.

The auction has one-minute intervals for bidding.

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The lineup has a vast range of variety for bidders with prestigious names including but not limited to Boekenhoutskloof, David & Nadia, Hartenberg and Mullineux.

“The Rhone Valley offers some of the best buys on offer in France, both for investment and current enjoyment purposes. Our February catalogue comprises a wide array of rare finds, suitable for all pockets,” Strauss & Co Wine Specialist Higgo Jacobs shared his enthusiasm for the auction.

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