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29 Jan 2021
8:10 am

Horse racing best bets, Friday 29 January 2021

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Fairview Turf

Value bet:

The rules of any game are of utmost importance, but even more so when it comes to racing and punting.

Every now and then, knowledge of the rules can be used to the punter’s advantage.

Take the ordinary Place, for example.

The TAB rules state that when there are five or less runners in a race, there is no Place betting.

With six or seven runners in a race, only the horses that finish first and second are awarded Place payouts.

When there are eight or more horses in a race, only then does the first three across the finish line earn bettors a Place payout.

The exception, however, is when it comes to the Place Accumulator.

The Place Accumulator regards the first three across the line as place horses, regardless of the field size.

How can a punter use this to his or her advantage?

Today at Fairview, four of the seven races which make up the Place Accumulator, will have only six or seven horses face the starter.

Punters who put money on a horse in these races for a Place will only be rewarded if their selection finishes first or second, but if added in a Place Accumulator, it can run third and still carry the ticket forward.

So, for today’s value we suggest a Place Accumulator.

The selection is as follows:

Leg 1 (Race 2): 1

Leg 2 (Race 3): 1, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11

Leg 3 (Race 4): 1

Leg 4 (Race 5): 2

Leg 5 (Race 6): 2

Leg 6 (Race 7): 1

Leg 7 (Race 8): 1, 2, 5, 10

Only in Races 3 and 8 do we select more than one runner, firstly because the fields are bigger and secondly because these races are expected to be more hotly contested.

This P/A costs R24 to play.

Best bet:

Race 5, Gin Fizz to win. Formerly trained by the legendary Mike de Kock, this four-year-old Soft Falling Rain filly won her PE debut with ease under maestro trainer Alan Greeff. She looks to have a long and promising “retirement” career now that she’s down at the coast.

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