Eric Naki
Political Editor
2 minute read
20 Jul 2020
5:20 am

Alcohol ban could see ‘tens of thousands’ of jobs lost

Eric Naki

Since the distribution of liquor was also banned, some companies had stopped transporting alcohol directly to the market.

Image: iStock.

The liquor ban could see tens of thousands of jobs lost in the industry and the Food and Allied Workers’ Union (Fawu) has asked the government to implement a moratorium on retrenchments and cuts in wage and fringe benefits. Fawu said it had to intervene on behalf of workers when employers wanted to cut the wages by 10% due to the ban. Others still plan to retrench in large numbers, it said. The retrenchments would add to the current high unemployment worsen the current economic crisis and aggravate the country’s socio-economic situation. “Out of the lowest earners, one worker supports...